Million Mile Elantra

Through social listening, we discovered a Hyundai owner named Farrah who was about to hit 1 million miles in her 2013 Elantra. Driving such a distance in only 5 years is unprecedented and amazing, but Farrah had an issue. The odometer stops at 999,999 miles, so she wouldn’t have proof of her mileage. Understandably, many people didn’t believe her. She deserved better and since Hyundai is driven by better, so we set out to not only fix her odometer issue, but honor her achievement in a way that everyone could see. So, we crafted and designed an official Hyundai 1 Million Mile part and installed it on her beloved Elantra. A few months later, we surprised her with the 2019 Elantra. The story received a ton of press creating over 9.8 million impressions. The videos raked up views and above average engagements. Not only that, but hundreds of owners started sharing their own quality stories on social.



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