Google Play Change the Game

We were tasked to create a social campaign for the Change the Game challenge, a challenge sponsored by Google Play to inspire more girls to join game design, with no paid media. Our idea, create engaging content on instagram to inspire young girls to sign up to get in the game. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from that work.

We created an instagram face filter that was actually a game.  The goal of the game: Get to the top by avoiding all the blockheads along the way. 

We created a series of portraits of some bad ass women in gaming with illustrator, Keisha Okafor. 




And Who doesn’t love a giphy sticker?

  • Google Play Change the Game
  • CTG_Code_Gif_Stickers_A_v03
  • CTG_Boss_Sticker_v03
  • CTG_Glass_Level_up_Sticker_v03
  • CTG_GAME_stickers
  • Hyundai Kona