Hyundai Kona

In 2018, Hyundai tasked us with launching their new super small SUV, the first-ever Kona to an audience they had never marketed to before. The target for this SUV cared more about accumulating experiences versus things, so we launched a campaign that showed them more than a car, but a way of life. We reached out to them with stories of people just like them: passionate explorers who wanted to show us how life changes when following your passion is your purpose. We created a social-first campaign, by partnering with key influencers to create a docu-series, The Kona Way. To fill out the campaign, we also created influencer-generated content, pre-roll and in-market ads and more. The result? We created over 42 million impressions and over 17 million video views. We exceeded engagement benchmarks by over 11% and most importantly, we exceeded sales goals by 5%.