Google Play Content Series

Google Play tasked us with creating organic social content that would grow their YouTube channel following. We created the content series “Generation Play,” a series that highlights the stories of under represented app and game developers and their paths to success. We were involved in finding and hand picking developers from various communities who had interesting stories to tell that would help inspire others. What we found were not only great stories, but great people who made great apps and games that were long overdue for their communities. Not only was this an inspiring and fulfilling project to be apart of, the series exceeded expectations, helped grow not only the Google Play YouTube channel, but their other social platforms as well. With no paid media.

We told the story of Mandy Bowman, who created The Official Black Wall Street, an app that’s a resource for finding and supporting black-owned businesses in your area

We told the story of Amira, an influential gamer, who shined a light on the fact that games like the SIMs didn’t create character options for darker skinned people. So she created her own and started a movement.

We told the story of Mitu Khandaker, founder and CEO of Glow Up games, a game company with a mission to create games that celebrates the joy of black and brown people

You can watch the full series here

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